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Best Definition Of Marketing|1st proverbs of marketing

What is marketing?

 On hearing the name of marketing, different perceptions of every person start to appear.  Often people think that marketing is only called selling goods.  If you want an example about marketing, then the example of each person will be different in the field of marketin. 

Like if we talk to a general merchant who runs a small shop in a city or town.  So his example about marketing would be that marketing is the selling of goods.  Similarly, if you talk to the big marketin manager of a company and if you ask him the definition of marketin, then it will be exactly the opposite answer. 

From the perspective of a marketin manager, if we look at the definition of marketing, then it would be said that marketing is a source of creating trust between ourselves and the customer. From marketing, we can find out what the value of our product is according to marketing. 

Can ensure the area of ​​exchange of your product.  Marketin is a moving part of our life which we use every day.  When I ask this question to my student, he explains that marketin promotion is called marketin sales. 

Through marketin, we can give our product according to the customer, some say that customer satisfaction is marketing, in this way you can get thousands of examples about marketin, which is called marketin, but marketing is the medium through which  Through this we can assess the important things like the right price of our product, its profit and loss etc. Marketin is like a sea which has got many branches like network marketin which almost everyone will be familiar with. 

Digital, offline, online, advertising, big companies to promote their products, I place product banners in the city square, promote their products through social media on the internet through digital marketin.  Road shows of your product are all part of marketing. 


Some proverbs are very popular in the field of marketin such as Selling Comb To Bald. Some examples like Selling Fridge At Himalaya are very prevalent in the field of market. It is said that the identity of a good salesman is that he does not want the customer.  Also sells its product to the customer.  But do you think it is appropriate to do this? I would definitely like to know your opinion about this. Please tell me by commenting, what is the identity of a good marketer?

 Whenever we give a product to a customer according to his requirement and in return we get some benefit from the customer, the exchange of this product as per the requirement is called marketin. This product can be anything  is.  As I have already told you, marketing is an integral part of our life which we have been using every day, now we look at it with an example like suppose you buy daily things used in your home from the market.  That is, you did marketin to buy those things.  Marketing has its own rules. If a person works according to the rules of market, then he definitely gets success.

 If the definition of marketin is said in one line then it is something like this

 The process of getting any product ready and reaching the customer is called marketin.

 I have given you my opinion aboutmarketin, but according to experts, the definition may vary.

 First rule of marketing: –

 It is said that what is seen in today’s time is sold, it is true that the era of digital is becoming increasingly intense, in such a situation, it is a challenge to keep oneself within the market. 

For the same thing that helps us to keep our marketin strong for this, I would like to say that if the customer has confidence in you then believe me, you will come to me again and again but to maintain this trust  In how good you prove to be or depends on you, from the market you will find examples of many products that have made their product a brand through their belief, I want to give you some examples of which companies are there.

  Let’s know about those companies who have made themselves a big brand through their product.

 1– Colgate: –

 You must have heard the name of Colgate, whenever you go to buy toothpaste, we say this to the shopkeeper. We want Colgate. We do not ask the shopkeeper which company we want. Colgate is present in many product markets but we get toothpaste from the shopkeeper  Instead, it is called Colgate

 Here are some of the best products of Colgate and Toothpaste.

 2– Thermos: –

 Whenever you go out somewhere, it is hot with you. To keep cold water, you have to carry a thermos to keep a copy to keep tea, but do you know that the name of this bottle is not Thermus. Thermus was a product of American company. 

Who made a bottle to keep things cool and warm and was named Thermos Even today in normal conversation we call that bottle Thermos whether it belongs to any company like Milton Cello, Prestige, Singer and so on.

  There are many companies that make very good products. I am telling you the name of these companies because I use their products myself.

 You can see the best products of companies like Milton, cello, Prestige, Singer, Bajaj etc.

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