Best toothpaste advantage & disadvantage toothpaste

Best toothpaste | advantage and disadvantage of toothpaste


Advantages and disadvantages of toothpaste Toothpaste is an integral part of our way of life. Have you ever thought about what is used to make toothpaste? What are its benefits and what are its disadvantages, so let me tell you how toothpaste is beneficial for us and it is also harmful, keeping in mind these two aspects, we will discuss this subject. Toothpaste is a synthetic product. Artificial products are those that are man-made. Datun was previously used in place of toothpaste.

If toothbrush was not available, then people used to use toothpaste instead of salt and mustard oil paste or it was used by making coal paste of some special trees and there are many such natural toothpastes present around us but its use Do not want to do.

So let’s understand about the advantages and disadvantages of toothpaste

Benefits of toothpaste

1- If a part of the skin is burnt, and its irritation is not decreasing, then toothpaste is a very good option.It will also reduce burning sensation on the burnt place and will not cause blisters.

2- If there are pimples on the face, then toothpaste can relieve you from them. Just leave toothpaste on the pimples at night and wake up in the morning and wash it. It will soak up the excess oil of the skin and dry the pimples.

3- There is absolutely no need to worry if lipstick or ink stains on the fabric. Just place a little toothpaste on the stained area and wash it. This will completely remove the stain.

4- If marks are formed by placing tea cups on the glass table, then use toothpaste to remove them. The scars will clear up immediately.

5- Toothpaste also helps to enhance your beauty. Applying it like a face pack by mixing it with lemon, the skin is fair. Apart from this, it can also be used to erase burnt skin, wrinkles and dark circles.

6- If your jewelry has turned black, and you want to make them shine, use a toothpaste. It will clean your jewelry and brighten it. It will also increase the brightness of diamond jewelry.

7- If you want to remove the smell from the milk pots in the house, or clean the children’s milk bottle, then pour a little bit of toothpaste dissolved water in the vessel and rinse it. This will remove the smell of milk from the vessel.

8- If the children have done art on the walls in the house, then you can clean those spots by applying toothpaste. This will not make the wall color even lighter.

9- If you do not want to go to the parlor for manicure or pedicure, then you can do manicure and pedicure at home using toothpaste. For this, toothpaste can be used by dissolving it in water.

10- If your nails have lost their shine, remove the nail polish and massage the toothpaste for a while. This will increase the shine of the nails.

11- If the mirror of the house is very dirty or foggy, clean it with toothpaste without worrying. The mirror will be absolutely clear, and the blur will disappear as well.

Toothpaste disadvantage

1. Fluoride

This is one of the reasons that toothpaste is considered to be a little medicine and a little cosmetic. For a long time, its use can make the teeth strong, but as far as cleanliness is concerned, it is not capable of it. Experts believe that fluoride is poisonous. In such a situation, it is advisable to give the toothpaste a full spill. Special care is needed in the use of toothpaste by children not to swallow it. Its long-term use damages the natural layer of the brain, digestive system, heart, bones, and even teeth, called enamel.

2. Foam or Foamed

Have you ever thought that foam is made of soap, shampoo and hand wash. All these things are for cleaning and you cannot think of taking one of these in your mouth. When froth is formed in toothpaste, why have you never thought? You get the feeling of cleanliness from this foam. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the cause of this foam. This is why you feel like cleaning in the mouth. Foam bubbles scrub your teeth, but they are damaged when they also hit you with delicate gums.

3. Polishing Agent in Toothpaste

Hydrated silica is used in most toothpastes. It polishes your teeth. Silica does the work of polishing and whitening. Your teeth are as white as its use, which a doctor can give results by whitening treatment. This only cleans the top layer.

4. Desensitizers

Teeth become sensitive to hot, cold and sweet. You eat something and you feel a tingling in the teeth. To avoid this problem, potassium nitrate or stannous fluoride is added to the toothpaste. They stop feeling your sensitivity. If the problem is cavity (getting space between the teeth) then it is just to suppress the problem, not its proper treatment.

5. Tartar Control

It burns. If your toothpaste feels burning or pungent, then suppose tetrasodium pyrophosphate has been added to it. This protects your front teeth from the inside out. A small amount of this is good for the teeth, but due to its use in large amounts, it starts to freeze.

6. Trichlosan

Its function is to prevent infection between teeth and gums. If your teeth are already cleaned then this is an additional and useless thing. Its disadvantages are still a subject of research, but it can be easily said that excessive use will definitely cause harm.

Best toothpaste
I used and found that some toothpastes that are better than other common toothpastes

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Dentist Be Damned Product review 

Best toothpaste | advantage and disadvantage of toothpaste

The ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program is a 80-pages eBook protocol that teaches readers everything they need to know about reversing teeth cavities and gum diseases. It also teaches you what you can do to prevent them from ever happening again. There are many benefits available by following this innovative and effective protocol.

•    No more costly dental treatments and checkups. This will help them save thousands in dental bills for you and your family.

•    No more drills, no more pain. You don’t need to ever sit in that awful, claustrophobic dental chair ever again!

Alice Barnes has a deathly fear of the dentists. She was so terrified of them, that she would suffer from panic attacks as a result of just thinking about going there. One day, she began to wonder why her friend Brad still suffered from multiple tooth cavities despite brushing and flossing his teeth regularly using the most expensive toothpaste, as recommended by his dentist, as part of a very strict oral-hygiene routine. 

“Why and how is this possible?”, she wondered. And from there she began her research and studies. Finally, after years of researching, she has found the answer. She experimented and conducted clinical trials with positive results, which empowered her to author this program.

Now what makes this program so unique and promising?

This program isn’t some ordinary book that instructs you to ‘brush your teeth twice a day, and floss regularly’. Instead, it teaches you the knowledge that dentists will never impart to their patients, as it would only hamper their business profits. 

For instance, have you ever heard of remineralization and demineralization? My dentist definitely didn’t tell me about it. To put it simply, remineralization is the process where the teeth’s enamel ‘repairs’ itself to its original strengthened state. Demineralization, as you can expect, is the opposite. This is one of the reasons why you are still suffering from cavities, despite taking the best care of your oral health. This is one of the main topics that the program will educate you: what causes it, how to counter it, and the list of tips that can assist you in doing so effectively.

One thing that fascinated me the most is the possibility of reversing your tooth decay. Since most people do not know it is possible to reverse it, dentists would usually just tell them that they have a cavity that needs to be drilled and filled. To put it in other words, dentists will profit from patient’s ignorance; taking advantage of secret knowledge they have.

The author elucidates on her theme and discusses several other tooth care related issues. These include the necessity of fluoridated water. Is it as beneficial as health officials claim, or should it be banned as some anti-flouride activists have argued? Alice brings a very shocking perspective to this widely controversial subject. Her arguments can’t be found on YouTube videos or articles being blogged online, since her work is brand new to the market!

Alice touches upon empowering the layman to understand the ingredients used in their dental products. This includes differentiating those which actually are helpful, and those which are toxic. Many ingredients are highly controversial, due to increasing reports and findings that they can cause oral cancer and health deterioration.

She revels the one ingredient that is added to almost every dental product. It has been found that cavity-causing bacteria can utilize this ingredient as an energy source to multiply quickly and cause cavities at a rapid rate. Scientifically backed experiments and trials have confirmed the results, however, the media and public aren’t yet aware of it. 

Packed with other interesting topics, you will read the answers to common questions, such as “is flossing really necessary?”, “why do cavemen have perfect teeth?”, and many more ideas such as the truth behind water fluorosis. 

Having seen optimum positive results in clinical trials, Alice is confident that her program will work for you and you will be amazed by the wealth of knowledge you’ll learn. In fact, she’s so confident in her product that she is offering a 60-day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with it in any way. Simply return within 60 days for a full refund with no questions asked if you do not find the answers you’re looking for inside the Dentist Be Damned! Program.

For the incredibly high value introductory price of just $47.00, you will get the main program and 2 bonuses: How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Forever, and How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores.

You can now finally get that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of and a perfect oral health with thousands of dollars saved from unwanted dental bills. And, of course, you will never again need to sit in that constrictive dental chair!

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Do You Know You Can Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally?

Since we were young, we have been repeatedly bombarded by the misconception that sugar causes cavities. What most people don’t know is that’s only half the truth. Theoretically, it is possible to consume excess amounts of sugar without suffering from cavities as a consequence.

Now we need to understand how sugar causes cavities indirectly. Cavity-causing bacteria (known as Streptococcus Mutans) utilizes sugar as an energy source, in order to multiply. Like atomic particles, its numbers grow exponentially and this can happen in a short period of time. What complicates matters is that these cavity-causing bacteria release acid as a byproduct. So when there’s a huge colony of bacteria releasing excess acid; this causes demineralization of your teeth.

Demineralization is the process which weakens enamel, due to a loss of essential molecules in your enamel’s structure. When this occurs for an extended period of time, your teeth will start to suffer from decay as cavity-causing bacteria now starts colonizing in the affected area, releasing acid again and again.

If no countermeasures are taken, the cavity can deepen to the 2nd layer of the tooth called the dentine. Then, after some time, it will penetrate through it and infect the pulp of the tooth. What happens? You will need the dreaded root canal treatment which isn’t just painful, it will also cost you thousands of dollars.

The best way to counter it is through remineralization – the natural process by which the enamel strengthens and ‘repairs’ itself. Those who visit the dentist frequently might have heard of ‘remineralizing gel’, which is often upsold by dentists. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, the ultimate goal is to let your teeth remineralize more than to be demineralized.

It’s sort of like math, you need a ‘net remineralization’ at the end of the day. However, even if you purchase expensive remineralization gel products and take steps to remineralize your teeth, your teeth can still suffer at the end of the day, if you don’t possess the right knowledge.

Forget about those videos you find on Youtube. Forget about the tips you will find online. They are inadequate and most of them are false, or worse yet, harmful to your oral health. 

Alice Barnes, author of the ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program, shares with us that soft drinks are the number 1 enemy to our teeth. “Cavity-causing bacteria uses sugar as an energy source to multiply and release acid as a by-product, which causes demineralization. Now soft drinks like Coca Cola are highly acidic due to their high content of phosphoric acid. These drinks may quench your thirst with satisfaction, as the bubbles run down your throat, but your teeth are suffering. That is the problem with kids in America today – soft-drinks are so easily available and served to them that their oral health suffers drastically.”

“Who suffers the most? The parents! The parents end up paying for their kid’s cavities to be drilled and filled. But the family’s dentist doesn’t warn them against it. No sooner are they out of the dentist clinic, the kids are back drinking sodas and creating further damage to the teeth. This cycle repeats itself until  they reach adulthood, or in extreme cases, till they lose all their teeth and resort to dentures.”

Alice has created the “Dentist Be Damned!” program which teaches readers about how to properly remineralize their teeth (and reverse any possible cavities), eliminate cavity-causing bacteria, and educate readers on many topics which many dentists will never let the public know. You can finally cut down unnecessary dental expenses and save thousands with this invaluable program. If you have a fear of the dentist, this program is your savior.

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How Acidity Food Affects Your Oral Health? 

Most people assume that teeth cavities just occur out of the blue and there’s nothing they can do about it. What they don’t seem to know is that tooth decay is similar to a bacterial infection. We’ve all heard of the strep throat infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. The main bacterium responsible for tooth decay is Streptococcus Mutans. 

It is widely believed that this bacterium utilizes sugar as a source of energy to reproduce rapidly and release acid as a byproduct. This acid is harmful to teeth’s enamel – the protective layer of the tooth. Repeated long exposure to these acid attacks will weaken the enamel, and thus, result in tooth decaying. This process is known as demineralization. 

Demineralization occurs at pH levels lower than 5.5 from a scale of 14. If you recall your chemistry class, pH levels lower than 7 are acidic and pH levels higher than 7 are alkaline. It is found that when sugar is introduced, cavity-causing bacteria can utilize it and bring the saliva to very acidic levels in as little as 30 minutes. 

During demineralization, crucial molecules are drawn out of the enamel, thus weakening its structure. Have you seen the experiment when you soak an egg in coca cola? The shell disintegrates until the inside explodes into the coke. A similar process occurs as teeth are weakened by acid.

Alice Barnes, author of the ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program shares with us that sugar isn’t just the sole cause of demineralization. “Certain foods like lemon and limes, which are acidic in nature, can cause rapid demineralization of the enamel,” she explains. 

“Does this mean we should avoid consuming acid food forever? No!”

“You just simply have to counter it. And that’s what most people aren’t aware of! Dentists will never share this with their patients because that will just affect their business. I mean, think of it, if you’re a dentist and you know people can reverse their cavities naturally, would you want the public to know? Course not! Especially when you’ve spent so much time and money getting a Degree in dentistry.”

Alice also warns, “Antibiotics do NOT eradicate cavity-causing bacteria. There are many colonies of cavity-causing bacteria residing in your mouth. It is nigh on impossible to eradicate them all, especially when they can colonize inside poorly-fitted dental crowns, implants or pockets of the teeth. Most importantly, antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your body. And bacteria can build resistance over time to your antibiotics. They simply cease to be as effective. What’s worse is that when you really need antibiotics in future, they won’t be as effective due to resistance.”

We asked Alice if she can share some advice with us for our readers.

“Certainly. If I could dispense one piece of advice to your readers… that will be to monitor your home water supply’s pH levels. Technically, water should be pH-neutral. However, if you’re drawing water from well-sources, the pH can be acidic in some cases. I suggest investing in a pH meter to test your home’s water supply. If it is alkaline, you have nothing to worry about. But if it’s acidic, then you gotta do something about it.”

It is a worthy investment to purchase a copy of the ‘Dentist Be Damned’ program. Alice Barnes has documented her years of research in her book explaining everything you need to know. This revolutionary program is every dentist’s nightmare. Not only will you learn how to remineralize your teeth naturally you will also learn how to reverse teeth cavities naturally and cure any existing gum diseases. Well worth the price, this remedial book is a must for anyone who wishes to be independent from dentists forever.

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EXPOSED: Dental Scams – Is Your Dentist Unethical? 

Ever heard conspiracies about dentists and scams? I’m sorry to say these most certainly exist. I’m not referring to dental insurance scams, although these are commonplace too. However, what I’m talking about is the unethical business methods your dentist might commit in order to make you part with your hard-earned cash.

One of the most common, unethical methods they use is hard selling.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“If you don’t have your tooth filled, it will decay to the point that in future you will need painful, expensive root canal treatment in future.”, “Your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, if not, it will impact the other teeth and it is gonna cost you more.”, “Are you SURE you don’t want it fix? Seriously?”

I’ve heard of cases where someone just wants to have their teeth checked but they ended up having cavities filled, wisdom tooth/teeth extracted, fluoride polishing, and overpriced irrelevant oral hygiene products; where some dentists will stop at nothing to get more money out of you.

It may interest you to know that before a tooth shows signs of decay it suffers from what dentist call ‘white spot lesions’. The affected tooth will have a soft, wax-like texture with a white appearance. This is the ‘pre-decay’ stage. What your dentist won’t tell you is that it can be reversed naturally. With constant remineralization, the tooth will repair itself to its normal state. However, since most people aren’t aware that it can be reversed, dentists will just tell you that you have a ‘cavity’ and tell you it needs to be filled. 

Another popular and yet completely unethical sale they suggest is implying you should opt in for wisdom tooth extraction. It is agreed by health officials and studies that any wisdom tooth which isn’t impacting or pushing against your neighboring teeth is perfectly safe to keep. There are no benefits extracting them.

In fact, there’s a greater risk of life-threatening infection which I can bet your dentist won’t tell you about. The cons far outweigh the pros. However, dentists will lie to you that ‘having an impacted wisdom tooth gives opportunity to cavity-causing bacteria to multiply which promotes teeth cavities.

These are all LIES! Let me repeat myself once more: you only need to have your wisdom tooth extracted IF it is affecting your neighboring teeth. For instance, if the wisdom is touching against another tooth, it can cause the teeth to shift, which means there will be pain and cutting. Here, the extraction is valid, but in most other cases it is entirely fabricated. 

And, finally, there is the propensity toward administering fluoride treatment. Did you know that the fluoride content in your toothpaste is more than enough to protect your teeth? 500 ppm (parts per million) is the standard and recommended level. But dentists will recommend that you pay for their fluoride treatment, which can cost up to $80-100, dependent on state and country. In fact, most dentists will just do it without your permission and simply charge you at the end of the dental session. 

These are just a few of the common unethical methods your dentist may be trying on you, and thousands of others.

There are many other things that your dentist doesn’t want you to know. Alice Barnes, author of the innovative ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program exposes the many facts and secrets about dentistry. She even teaches you how you can reverse your teeth cavities and gum diseases naturally. 

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Dental Tips You MUST Be Aware of! 

Alice Barnes, author of the brand new and revolutionary ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program, shares with us several shocking truths about oral hygiene, which I’m sure you’ve never even heard of.

First off, do NOT brush your teeth after consuming any acidic or sugary food products; doing so will damage your enamel, causing it to erode and increasing the likelihood of cavities. After consuming acidic or sugary food products, your enamel becomes weak and soft due to demineralization; when you brush your teeth at its current state, you’re thinning and wearing off the enamel.

Secondly, you should brush your teeth softly with your toothbrush. Most people aren’t aware that when they are doing it aggressively, it’s wearing off their enamel, and also, causing their gums to recede. You should only use light, gentle brushing motion, taking care over each tooth. Lastly, you should only get the softer bristled brushes. The softer, the better. 

Thirdly, avoid using teeth-whitening or ‘stain removal’ toothpaste daily. These products contain bleach and other chemicals, which are simply too abrasive for everyday use. Most individuals make the mistake of purchasing these products and using them as an everyday-use toothpaste. Extended use will severely damage your teeth’s enamel and cause teeth sensitivity. So if you have sensitive teeth, you might want to avoid any teeth-whitening or stain-removal formula toothpaste.

The fourth piece of advice Alice has given to our reader is do not use baking soda in any case on your teeth. Baking soda is very, very abrasive and can weaken and damage your teeth’s enamel. Baking soda may seem harmless and just soapy to touch, but when you apply it on your teeth and brush it, it’s akin to grinding your teeth against sandpaper!

Do you have amalgam-based fillings? If yes, you should be aware of the potential hazards. Amalgam-based fillings contain mercury, which is highly toxic to living beings. You should get them checked to make sure there’s no leakage or whatsoever. Being exposed to faulty amalgam-based fillings can leave you feeling lethargic, with a weakened immune system, and many other unwanted health side-effects. Most countries have banned the use of amalgam-based fillings due to its dangerous toxicity. 

Now you may be wondering why some dentists are still using them, despite the increasingly widely-known dangers. The answer: it is a cheaper material and it is easier to fill it into drilled teeth. So avoid amalgam-based fillings. If you already have one, check to see if it has any leakages. 

Do not be fooled by “recommended by dentists!” labels being advertised or printed on dental products. None of these are actually any more beneficial than the average dental products that you can purchase at your supermarket, yet are sold with a huge markup on price.

Alice Barnes exposes many other facts about dental care products in her revelatory work. She also reveals a list of harmful ingredients that can cause oral cancer, and promote cavities and gum diseases. You will also learn numerous other interesting tips and knowledge to improve your oral health. 

The ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ the program also teaches you everything about repairing your teeth cavities and gum diseases naturally with Alice’s highly effective protocol; how to eliminate plaque buildup naturally and effectively; and how you can get those shiny pearly-white teeth you’ve always wanted. 

You will be armed with all the necessary knowledge to maintain the best oral health. Never again will you ever be dependent on your dentist. Imagine the thousands of dollars you will save from dental bills for you and your family! And most importantly, you don’t have to suffer from the uncomfortable, drilling pain ever again!

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