About us

Brief Description About JunctionTime

My dear friends, where many mediums come together, it is called a junction. You must have heard the word junction. A person can become a scholar in a particular field, but apart from that area, he also has information about other fields. I myself  Can not say a scholar of any field but I also have a little knowledge of some fields which I want to share with you, because of many subjects being together, where did it go to the junction and the time spent here is you junctiontime Can say.

  About Me

 I welcome Niraj Rajput at your junction time.  My first hobby is writing and reading.  And the other hobby is marketing.  I live in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat state. After completing my education, I often thought that I should write about myself or whatever information I have.  But the education is complete, I should join a job. While doing the job, I was always fond of writing, but due to lack of information, I stayed away from the field of blogging for a long time. I completed my education in 2007 and started blogging.  The journey starts from 2019.

 How Did Blogging Start

 In 2019, I came to know that through blogging I can convey my words to the people but at that time I was working in the field of infrastructure and still am today.

 It was very difficult for me to find time for blogging because of my job, but you can do whatever you want.

 In 2019, I created my first blog on Google’s Platform Blogger, which is a free service of Google.  In this way I started my blogging but I have not been able to do the blogging I wanted to do, I would create a blog and then write a post, change the theme, apply the image and then delete it due to some mistakes.  .  This happened to me many times but from here I started learning about blogging and I do not know how many mistakes I have made.  I would often look at people’s blogs, read, and try to learn.

  Due to lack of time it took me a long time to create my blog and finally the days had come that I was able to start my own blog junctiontime.com on 14 March 2021.

 Junctiontime Base

 At present, junction time has two main grounds; its first base is marketing and its second base is infrastructure.

 Apart from doing the job, I also spent a lot of time in the field of marketing and marketing has been my favorite subject to do marketing. I like it very much and I like it very much.  But due to some reasons, I had to leave the field of marketing and got an opportunity to do a job in the field of infrastructure, because of the knowledge about infrastructure and marketing, I have made both of them my base.