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How to start best top 5 affiliate marketing program | Definition | benefit

Affiliate Marketing As the name suggests, it is a part of Marketing itself. Whenever a company promotes its product for sale. And if you help sell that company’s product. So you are given some commission on the product sold by you, this process is called Affiliate Marketing.

Let me try to explain it to you with an example so that you can understand better.


You might have heard about life insurance companies. Maybe you have got life insurance as well. Whatever plan the life insurance companies offer to their customers. Life insurance companies have agents to deliver that plan to the customers.
These agents explain the plans offered by the company to their customers and to attract new customers. When they sell the plans offered by the company to their customers, then in return they are given some commission by the company.
That is, the agent of the life insurance company does marketing with us, which we call Affiliate

Marketer. And the marketing done by him is called Affiliate Marketing.
Here I have given only example of life insurance company, this company can be anyone and it can be in any country, it can be any product of that company.
Often people think of online marketing as affiliatemarketing. There are many companies that promote their affiliate program online. Because of this we can call it a part of digitalmarketing.

Names of some companies offering online affiliate programs

  1. Amazon
  2. clickbank
  3. commission junction
  4. JV zoo
  5. hostinger
  6. Flipkart
  7. Godaddy
  8. Bluehost

These are the names of some affiliate marketing companies that you can easily join for free, which does not have any charge.
Which affiliate program do you want to join, let us know by commenting.

Benefits of online affiliate marketing

People like to do affiliate marketing online, which is quite easy.

  1. You do not need any special education to do online affiliate marketing, you can start it with basic knowledge and the biggest thing is that there is no age limit to do this.
  2. You do not need any special cost to do affiliate marketing as you see in offline marketing and network marketing that you have to invest something to start your business but there are some programs of affiliate marketing which That is absolutely free which you can start with zero investment.
  3. Affiliate marketing is a very good option for those working from home, you can operate it from anywhere, you do not need to go anywhere.
  4. Being online affiliate marketing makes it easier for you to do it because the product you promote is online and you can promote it anywhere. You do not need any office or shop, you do not even need to store your product.
  5. The biggest advantage of doing online affiliate marketing is that you do not need to explain a lot to your customers. The customer sees the review of the product according to his wish and if he is satisfied with the information given by you, then buys it, which is very easy.
  6. The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have a boss here, you don’t have to work under someone. You are the master of your own will.

Disadvantages of online affiliate marketing

Along with the advantages of affiliate marketing, there are also some disadvantages that we should keep in mind, let us tell you about the disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

  1. You do not have any control over the commission received in affiliate marketing, the full control of this commission is in the hands of the company, if your commission stops, then it takes a lot of time to meet it but it happens very rarely or Happens only occasionally.
  2. You cannot set your own commission in affiliate marketing. As in offline marketing, you can set your own commission.
  3. To do affiliate marketing, you have to work according to the rules of the company, if you go against the rules, then the company can remove you from the affiliate program.
  4. The company can at any time change the law made by the company to promote affiliate marketing, increase or decrease its commission, in which you have no control.
  5. In the last few years, the company promoting the affiliate program has cut its commission significantly, due to which the affiliate marketer has suffered a lot.

About affiliate marketing

If you want to make income online then affiliate marketing is a good option. If, like other people, you also think that affiliate marketing can make money very easily. It is true that money can be earned from affiliate marketing, but for this too, you have to work hard here and along with hard work, you will also have to be patient because to achieve success in anything, it takes some time. Sure it seems.

If you want to make Affiliate Marketing your full time career then this is a good decision. Because affiliate marketing is a type of business and business is done by the same person who has the desire to become the owner if you work in any field.
If you want to shift your career in the field of Affiliate Marketing, then I would advise you that along with doing the job, you also keep giving some time in Affiliate Marketing and when you start feeling that now I can do my job in Affiliate Marketing. I can earn more than that, at that time you do not need to ask anyone, you can add your career in the field of affiliate marketing.

How to choose a company for affiliate marketing

Choosing a trustworthy company is very important for doing affiliate marketing, if you have chosen a company whose service is very bad, you can only suffer in doing affiliate marketing with that company.
Therefore, before joining the affiliate program of any company, it is very important for us to do research about that company. The information that the company is giving you about its affiliate program is true.
For example, joining the affiliate partner program gives you a fixed commission.
It is very important to know what is the company’s reputation in the market, because some companies tell you something else, and something else happens, in such a situation, before joining the affiliate program, you should check in every way.

Two main sources of income from affiliate marketing

  • Free Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is mainly done in two ways, first is free of cost and second is pad method, both have their own advantages, so let us know what is the difference between free of cost and pad method.

Free Affiliate Marketing

You do not need to invest anything here to do affiliate marketing for free. You must be thinking that how this can be done for free but it is very easy, there are some platforms where you can promote your affiliateproduct very easily,

Talking about social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn. And many more such platforms where you can promote your product for free.

But if you want to be successful in affiliatemarketing, then this method is not right for that because on whichever platform you want to promote your product, it gives you this facility for free but you do not have any control over there. He will only promote your product or he can also block your product.

But here one thing is very beneficial for you if you are completely new in affiliatemarketing and want to learn affiliate marketing. So my suggestion is that first of all you should try free of cost affiliate marketing.

Because here you have to promote your product, how to choose your product. You can get to learn very general information in a free way, so it is better that you try to learn for free first and then think about investing.

Paid Affiliate Marketing

In Pad Affiliate Marketing, you have to invest some money as if you have joined the affiliateprogram of a company, then any platform you choose to promote it such as your website Facebook, Google Ad, Pinterest etc. .

If we talk about Facebook, to promote the product you have selected, you have to run the ad of your product in Facebook, to run this ad, Facebook charges you some money and your product is more It reaches more people, through which your chances of generating income are greatly increased.
Apart from Facebook, there are many other platforms where you can advertise your product.
The best way to promote your product should be your own website where you can promote your product very well.

Some things you must keep in mind to do Pad Affiliate Marketing

  1. What kind of product have you selected?
  2. Do the people of the country where you want to promote your product know about that product.
  3. What age group is your product beneficial for?
  4. What percentage of profit can you make by promoting the product?
  5. What are people’s reviews about your product?
  6. What is the product return policy of the company whose product you are promoting.
  7. Before advertising the product, in which country you have to advertise, in which state you have to show the age of the people, promote your product keeping all these things in mind.
  8. Run small campaigns first and then do big advertisements.

I have tried to explain affiliatemarketing in a very basic way. If you want to get more detailed information about AffiliateMarketing then do let us know by commenting.

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