Can you make money from blogging and affiliate marketing?

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what is blogging

 To know in detail about blogging, you stay in this contact with us.  By the way, you must have heard or known about blogging on YouTube or other platforms.

 But here today I am going to tell you about blogging in great detail, so let us know what is blogging.

 While studying in school, you used to write many stories or information inside your notebook and information related to your education in your notebook, blogging also in a similar way but here you do not have a notebook.

 Because everything happens online in blogging, you must have written an essay in your school, you can call it an offline blog, the only difference is that you used to write your information there in your notebook, here you write in your mobile laptop or computer.

 In blogging, we have to choose a platform online to write any information and publish whatever information we write on that platform on the internet.  This process is also called blogging.

 It can be in the form of an essay, it can be in the form of a poem or it can be in the form of a video, depending on what type of blog you want to do.

 Can blogging be chosen as a Carrier

 If you want to make blogging as your full time career then I would say yes can be chosen as a full time career.

 But to do blog you have to do it not like a job but as your business because blogging is a field where you will get results according to the hard work you do, but it is not so in the job.  Because in a job you get a picks income every month but it is not so in blog.

 The person doing the job keeps on waiting every month or in the hope that he will get a fix income, he has to wait only for 1 month but in the initial days of blog you may not get a single rupee but as soon as you get into it  As you go on working hard, your block also starts growing.

 Here I want to make one thing clear from you guys that if you are in the field of online, whether it is blog or affiliate marketing, you are not going to get success in a week or two or 1 month, for this you will have to work hard continuously.

 If you think that I have made a block today and my income will start, then this is not a source of short term income, so you have to take it for the long term and accordingly you have to work hard.

 Can you make money from blogging and affiliate marketing?

 Money can be earned from blogging and affiliate marketing, it is absolutely true but it is not an easy task but it is not so difficult that you cannot do it.

 All this is needed, then to try in the right direction and the right guidance, here I am giving you an example of some people who have set their entire career in the field of online such as Harsh Aggarwal, Satish Kushwaha, Neil Patel, Pawan  Agarwal, Amit Aggarwal and many more who have chosen it as their full time career and today they are successful too.

 For how blogging and affiliate marketing is done, you can search in Google and you can also watch videos on YouTube, where you can get a lot of information, you can also go through their videos and websites with the names I mentioned above.  Can learn things easily.

 Still if you comment then I can also tell you about blogging and affiliate marketing.

 Can blogging be done along with a job?

 Yes, you can do blogging along with jobs, as I told you about some successful bloggers and successful people in the field of affiliate marketing, those people also started blogging and affiliate marketing with their jobs.

 Harsh Agrawal

 Harsh Aggarwal ji also started blogging during his college days as well as he worked in the field of engineering but he decided to enjoy his life without a job and without a boss and started blogging and affiliate marketing.  Who does not know his name in the area today, the name of Harsh Agrawal’s website is shoutmeloud. ( coinsutra )

 You can learn blogging and affiliate marketing very well by watching their website and videos.

  pavan agrawal

 Pawan Aggarwal ji also worked in TCS (Tata consulting service) company for a long time and later he also added his career in the field of online and Pawan Aggarwal ji is also a successful person in the field today on his website.  It is Deepawali which is a very good website, from here you can get to learn a lot of important information in Hindi. ( learn and earn with pavan agrawal, seo with pavan agrawal )

 Satish kushwaha

 Satish Kushwaha ji is also a successful person in the field of online, the name of his website is as well as his YouTube channel Satish k videos, where you can see the interviews of many successful celebrities in the field of online and your  You can decide to choose a career.

 I hope that the information given in this post will be beneficial for you. What else do you want to know? Do tell us by commenting.

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