Plumbob |plum|Sahul |plumb checking best 5 advantage

what is plumbob or plumb,Sahul

Plumbob or plumb or shaul is a type of hand tool which is extensively used in the areas of infrastructure, carpentry, fabrication, etc plumbob use. plumbob checking read continue.

who is called plum bob or plum or shaul


It is made of a metal cone and has a small hole in the middle of which a string is attached.

The lanyard attached to the plum helps to maintain the vertical position of the plum.


The bob is made of a solid metal that is perpendicular to it and also has a hole in it and a string attached to the plum is inserted into it.

The size of the bob and the top surface of the cone are kept in equal proportion.

So that correct information of plum bob can be obtained.


It is used to obtain information about the oblique or inclined position of any vertical which is called plum bob or plumb or shaul checking.

Plum bobs are widely used for a variety of small tasks ranging from infrastructure.

For example, when a wall is attached, which is used repeatedly to check its vertical position (upright position).

You must have seen very tall buildings in your city or town etc. But have you ever wondered how it looks in a straight state.

Because special care is taken of plum bob while making them. Click to see Plumbob kit

Is any machine used to check plum bob?

If we talk about 100 – 200 years ago, then to check plum bob (plumb) it was used to check as per the above picture.

But now we have reached the 21st century where almost many things have become automatic which makes our work very simple and easy.

In today’s time, there are many modern equipment to check plum bob (plumb). Such as laser system, total station etc.

Laser System


How to check plum bob of high rise building

I am going to tell you about some ways to check plum or plumb of high rise buildings.

As I mentioned earlier, you can check plum bob (plumb) by any device such as laser system or total station. The other is manual system.

what is laser system

Laser system is a kind of electronic machine from inside which laser light is emitted in horizontal and vertical (+) state. All about them can be probed by laser system.

With laser system you can not only plum bob (plumb) but you can also check the label laser system is used a lot in the field of construction and it makes your work very easy.

Precautions of laser system

the label

While installing the laser system, we should keep some things in mind so that we do not face any kind of difficulty in working. Like setting it in the label, there is an auto level system inside it which sets itself in the label.


Whenever you are going to use it for plum bob (plumb) or any other work then charge it fully because when it discharges then chances of error will increase in it it is better when it is fully charged Then use it.

lens cleaning (plum bob)

Before use, make sure to clean the lens once so that you can get the best quality laser light. And you can easily check the plum bob or label.


Although I have used laser system of many company but the name of the company whose laser system I like the most is Hilti remember me you can see in the picture and by clicking you can get details about it

Plumbob |plum|Sahul |plumb checking best 5 advantage
Hilti laser level


The Theodolite is used to survey the land but is a multipurpose instrument through which you can get right angle, measurement of land,

You can find things like distance from 1 point to another point etc and through this you can also check plum bob (plumb).

Advantages of Plumbob

  • A plumbob is a type of hand tool that does not require any special training to use.
  • The repair and service charges of plumbob are negligible.
  • Checking with a plumbob gives a tolerance of +- 1-2 mm.
  • There are very few chances of making a mistake when checking with a plumbob.
  • A plumbob is an inexpensive hand tool that anyone can use.

Disadvantages of Plumbob

  • The use of a plumbob is very difficult in areas of extremely high wind speed.
  • The use of plumbobs is less compared to laser systems.
  • The plumbob allows you to examine only one area at a time, while the laser system can test both vertical and horizontal at once.

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