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E – engine

O – Optimization

If you are a blogger or a contact writer or a YouTuber or a digital marketer or you promote your business online, then it is very important for you to know about SEO.

junctiontime will try to give you complete information about seo.

You have already known that the full form of seo is search engine optimization.

Now let’s talk about what is the meaning of searchengineoptimization. So let us understand it in detail what is search, what is engine and what is optimization.

what is searching

To search means to find something. Here it can be online and offline also. But we will talk about online from here.

For example, if you search for any item in your house, then it can be said that you are searching for more stuff.

What is search engine

Whenever you try to search for something online, you try to search by typing your words in an app or website and you get information related to it.

The medium that brings this information to you is called a search engine. Which has reached you by searching for that information.

Although there are many search engines online, but here I will tell you about some important search engines.





Although there are many search engines in the field of online, but it is some important search engine which is quite popular but the most important and largest search engine in all of them is Google.

what is optimization

To put any thing in the right way and according to its quality in the right order is called optimization.

As you keep the Vastu of your house in the right way and in the right place, then there is called optimization.

But here we are talking about online.

The content images or videos or any products we upload to our website.

Then the search engine optimizes it and shows the result accordingly.

You must have understood very well what Seo means. Now let’s talk about how seo works. And why is this so important.

what is seo

Today online marketing has covered the entire market and it is true that no online business can do without digital marketing.

One of the biggest reasons for this is seo. So whether you want to grow your website or YouTube channel fast or you want to bring it in higher ranking.

Or if you apply for a job related to seo in a marketing company, then in both the cases you have to become an seo expert and it is not an easy task.

So in this post we will tell you how you can become seo expert. To become a seo expert, first of all you have to know what we have to do for seo.

Search Engine Optimization is a collection of many tools and practices that help your website and channel get the highest ranking in search engines. Due to which a lot of organic traffic comes to your website or channel.

And your business starts growing fast.

A website through which users search internet content is called a search engine.

By becoming a SEO expert, you can bring traffic and high-ranking to your website. But you should know that you want to become a CEO Export.

or seo professional. There is a slight difference between a SEO expert and a professional, an SEO expert is someone who knows how SEO works. And to get a business high ranking on search engines s.e.o. How to apply.

Whereas an SEO professional is an SEO expert that performs this work on behalf of a profession that includes SEO consulting, SEO service, and dealing with clients on SEO projects. .

You have understood the difference between SEO Expert and SEO Professional, but do you know how the search engine works through SEO.

SEO is related to search engine, so you need to know how search engine works. To understand it in easy language, you know that the world’s largest library belongs to Google.

Whenever you search any internet who was in Google, then it immediately comes in front of you, but how does it happen so quickly, let’s know about it now.

Google is such a librarian who has organized thousands of millions of websites and Internet contacts at different rates and as soon as you search anything on Google.

So Google takes out the best query from organized websites and internet contacts and puts it in front of you, which takes only a few seconds.

But have you thought?

That’s how all this happens so quickly because it is an online process so it is made up of three processes.




Through which a search engine works, we understand crawling, indexing, ranking differently.

What is crawling in seo

Crawling is the process in which the web crawler or (spider) of the search engine reads the content posted by you and all this information reaches the search engine, it crawls your contacts, images and videos.

By which the search engine gets to know what you have given information about and what is in your contact but or the process does not end here, after this comes indexing which is very important for your website, let’s now indexing understand about.

What is Indexing in seo

Indexing means that it indexes your contact at one place, we understand it in a simple language.

Like you have kept a lot of items inside your store room, but you have kept each and every item used there separately in a very systematic way.

For example, cooking items are kept in their separate racks. And to keep your car repaired to keep its belongings separate so that you can easily find those things, in the same way the search engine also consumes your contact differently as your contact is based on marketing.

So it is indexed in the marketing rack, if your contact is based on health, then it is indexed in a separate rack, in the same way, thousands of millions of people are contacted in the search engine. It’s done by robots or what you call bots or spiders.

But one thing we should understand very well here that until the search engine does not crawl our website, it cannot do indexing, so first of all there is crawling, after that indexing happens and then after that comes ranking. .

What is Ranking in seo

You have already learned about indexing and crawling, now understand that what is ranking, it is very important for your business, coming at the top of the search engine.

This means that your ranking is at the top, it simply means that no one else has made better contact than you, so if you are coming at number one, then your ranking is also number one.

If you understand this in a simple way, you must have given the examination in your school but did all the children come first in that examination or not only some of them came first who passed the first division but how?

You thought this because the content written by him was more clearly understood by the teacher than other children and was written with correct information.

In the same way, the search engine also reads your contact and ranks it according to its quality.

I hope that you have been completely satisfied with the information given in this post, still if you want information, then definitely tell us in the comment box.

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