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Top 5 International Cryptocurrency Exchanges | USA | India 2022

Top 5 International Cryptocurrency Exchanges|USA|India 2022 You want to invest in crypto currency like bitcoin ethereum etc. Which platform is best for investing?

Because we get scared when we see the fraud happening online. So that our hard earned money does not go in vain.

If you are reading this post then surely you are thinking of investing in Cryptocurrency. Which platform to invest on?

On which platform should we invest? So that our money is safe and the risk is also very less.

Where it is very easy for you to invest, which you can easily understand.

I will tell you about the best top 5 apps here which are very secure and their interface is very user friendly.

So that now you can help you earn passive income from your crypto currency

You can deposit these tokens in a savings account to earn interest on them.

All these exchanges work similar to a bank and all exchanges offer an exchange debit card.

Which you can use for shopping, however finding the best crypto exchange for you is a difficult task today.

Because a security breach on the exchange would result in you losing all your funds in low cap gem tokens which could potentially give you 100x returns.

We bring you a list of the best 5 crypto exchanges.

A good crypto exchange for us is one that has a good user friendly one.

A good user interface, reliable and secure, variety of tokens and a good trading volume and liquidity.

That’s why we explored the best option in the market.

We have compiled a list of 5 best crypto currency exchanges for you, which will help you a lot in trading crypto currency.

Best top 5 international cryptocurrency exchanges usa, india 2022




MAXE Global


1- Binance Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Binance is the Number One Crypto Exchange Binance is the leading crypto exchange globally in terms of trading volume along with the number of users and average daily volume.

An average daily volume of $ 90 billion

Offers more than 380 tokens in more than 1400 different pairs.

Because you get all the necessary facilities like spot, margin and derivatives trading.

The exchange also has a savings and savings feature that gives you the option to earn passive income on your crypto holdings.

Recently a feature of recurring has been used by which you can do dollar cost averaging for depositing tokens.

This process of DCA (dollar cost averaging) takes emotion out of context and helps you be more disciplined with your investments.

Exchange has an easy to use web application and is a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices.

Binance has one of the lowest trading fees in the crypto market which can future be reduced by 25% if you hold in the house token of Binance that is BNB

the platform has world class learning portal such as finance academy and finance research which provide education and research content for all types of users in addition to this has a crypto encyclopaedia called coinmarketcap in simple words in Binance is a one-stop shop for most crypto users .

2- FTX Cryptocurrency Exchanges

FTX is one of the best options for trading which I believe could become number one in the years to come.

It offers more than 240 tokens in more than 500 different pairs.

You get all the essential future such as spot margin and derivatives trading.

Tokenised stocks leverage tokens and prediction markets which where first introduced by ftx.

FTX has an excellent user interface which is available as web and mobile.

The mobile application is supported by both iOS and Android devices.

You get many e-utility features on FTX such as the sub-account feature allows you to create separate sub accounts for trading.

And the investment feature allows you to take your holdings and earn passive income.

The OTC platform on them allows you to buy and sell crypto in bulk.

FTX is an excellent alternative to Binance.

3- Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase is among the top 5 exchanges in the world based on the number of users for US and EU residency.

This is the best exchange that the exchange is listed on Nasdaq and therefore the security is liable to the Exchange Commission and other US authorities.

Hence it is a super reliable exchange. Coinbase offers nearly a hundred tokens in over 300 different bases and is available in over 100 countries with over 68 million verified users.

The average daily volume is four billion dollars in addition to buying and selling crypto coins.

Recurring feature by which you can do dollar cost averaging for coinbase deposit tokens,

Coinbase offers staking services on certain selected tokens in selected countries, once you learn the program

Where users are rewarded crypto tokens for watching crypto educational videos.

A great concept as you earn money while learning a lot about the crypto space, finally Coinbase also offers

A Visa Debit Card linked to your Coinbase Wallet and can be used to purchase the next exchange.

4- MEXC Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges

It is one of the best crypto exchanges in the market to take a look at gems.

It offers around 600 in more than 700 different pairs

Has a daily trading volume of over $1 billion.

The only drawback of this exchange is that it has less liquidity than the subjects that replaced the previous exchange.

5- 1Inch Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1 Inch Exchange is a decentralized exchange aggregator also known as text aggregator.

Which allows you to buy crypto anonymously and at the best possible price. Buying crypto through 8X Honor 8X Aggregator is better than buying from a centralized exchange.

Because you can use many different strategies to increase your yield on crypto.

1 Inch Exchange offers more than 2500 pairs of tokens across the market and offers the same features as other exchanges.

Limit Order and Yield Farming 1 inch has better liquidity than any personal tax.

Because it draws liquidity from multiple Texas and liquidity pools, these were the top 5 global crypto exchanges.


Plese note that this pots is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a financial advisory and is not a financial advice. please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

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Answer : Cryptocurrency is a digital currency.

Question 2 – Can crypto currency be deposited in a bank?

Answer : Cryptocurrency cannot be deposited directly in the bank, you can deposit it in the bank by making this change.

Question 3 – On which technology is crypto currency based?

Answer. Cryptocurrency are based on cryptography technology.

Question 4 – Can anyone invest in crypto currency?

Answer: If the government of your country allows cryptocurrency, then you can invest i

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