317QEVF5WjL. AC Supernova SUPER NOVA Unisex

Supernova SUPER NOVA Unisex

317QEVF5WjL. AC Supernova SUPER NOVA Unisex
Price: $158.97
(as of Mar 06,2023 07:25:00 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Supernova SUPER NOVA Unisex

Terraflux2 lens! Optimised for permanent daytime running light. Parking light. The Supernova tail light is also supplied. 205 lumens warm measured, at 25 km/h in a 26 inch wheel, aluminium black matt anodised, 49 x 41 mm, 90 g without holder, HSOP holder for fork crown/bridge including no switch, fully automatic function, cable length to dynamo: 600 mm to rear light 1080 mm, specific lumen warm measured, 205 lumens, parking light 5 min lens type aluminium terraflux 2 bulbs, CREE LED, length x diameter 49 x 4190 mm, material
Warm lumens, 205 lumens.
Parking light 5 minutes.
Lens type: Terraflux 2.
CREE LED light bulb.
Length x diameter: 49 x 41 mm.

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